Committed to quality

Established in 2014 in the Governorate of Basra, Iraq, we began our journey at Al-Rayan Dairies inspired with a deep commitment to bring high quality dairy products that are locally produced into the Iraqi market, all at incredibly competitive prices.

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Why choose Al-Rayan Dairies ?

At Al-Rayan Dairies we strive everyday to bring the highest quality dairy products to our consumers. We pride ourselves that our products are:


We do not use any preservatives in our products !

Fresh and natural

We use the highest quality milk imported into Iraq from the best European farms. Our products are then locally producted using only fresh and natural ingredients .

High hygiene standards

At our factory we take food safety and hygiene very seriously! we abide by international health and safety standards .

Our Values

At Al-Rayan Dairies, we take pride in our core values and solid belief in:


We believe in producing a quality product for a good price.


We care about our consumers and will only ever use the finest natural ingredients. In addition, we work closely with both our suppliers and buyers to keep our prices as competitive as possible.


We make sure that all our produce meets the exact same high standards of quality and flavor. You can rely on us.

Supporting the Iraqi economy

Iraqi and Proud! We’re proud to be an Iraqi dairy producer. Supporting the Iraqi economy begins by supporting local industries.


Al-Rayan dairies

Iraqi & proud!
We are committed to providing high quality and natural yoghurt.and we continually strive to apply the highest quality and regulatory standards, in delivering safe products to satisfy consumers’ needs.

Al-Amir Dairies

Al-Amir dairy products are fresh, natural, free from preservatives and most importantly, produced in Iraq! If you love Iraq, support local industries. Iraqi and proud!.


rich in many essential nutrients including vitamins A & D in addition to protein, calcium and iron, all of which guarantee its great nutritional value.


Al-Amir’s yogurt, fresh, tasty and nutritious! Al-Amir yoghurt contains the natural vital boosters necessary for maintaining a healthy digestive system.


Enjoy Al-Amir’s delicious and refreshing yoghurt drink! Made from 100% fresh cow’s milk.